Requirements For a Thailand Representative Office

Introduction: A Representative Office allows a foreign company to establish a physical place of operations in Thailand. The company is then allowed to use the Office to engage in limited non-trading activities inside of the country. These activities are limited to operations that non-revenue-earning activities in Thailand that are listed below. To be eligible for a Representative Office a company needs to have specific operational purposes in Thailand and must complete the necessary filing process. Once these two requirements have been met and the government has approved the application the company will be subject to a few legal requirements to maintain the Representative Office, but will receive numerous benefits and the ability to operate inside of Thailand.

Purpose requirements: To create a Representative Office in Thailand a foreign company’s purpose must be one of the following:

· To search for a source of products or services in Thailand that will be used or sold by the company overseas,

· To ensure the quality or quantity of รับแปลเอกสาร the products made in Thailand,

· To provide the company with advice concerning which goods or services should be acquired,

· To provide information to individuals in Thailand concerning the company’s products or services, or

· To inform the company about Thai economic activities.

Notes: The Representative Office must complete at least one of the listed purposes to be operational. However, the Office may not perform activities outside of those listed purposes.

Filing Requirements: If a foreign company is setting up a Representative Office for one of the above purposes application process may begin. First, the company must have an Alien Business Permit in order to establish a Representative Office. Second, once an Alien Business Permit has been acquired the following is a list of documents that must be submitted to the Commercial Registrar along with the necessary application:

· Proof of an Alien Business Permit,

· An affidavit from the manager or corporate officer that states the company’s name, its registration number, its date of registration, its address, and what jurisdiction the company is registered under,

· A list of the company’s directors with their names, addresses, nationalities, ages, races, number of shares held, and information on which directors have the power to bind the company,

· A copy of the company’s Articles of Incorporation or Memorandum of Association,

· A copy of the company’s Articles of Association,

· An account of the company’s capital, the number of shares along with the par value of each, and the amount of capital stock that has been paid up (the amount of capital assigned to the Representative Office must be 5 million baht over a period of five years with 2 million baht allocated for the first year),

· A list of the company’s shareholders, their nationalities and number of shares held by each,

· Any documents proving that the Representative Office’s manager will have sufficient power of attorney to run the company (if the manager is a foreign citizen then a copy of the manager’s passport must also be provided and if the manager is Thai then a copy of his or her national ID and household registration must be provided.)

The following is a list of documents that might be needed for the application to be fully processed:

· An accurate description of the company’s purpose in Thailand

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