Insider Tips For Spotting a Fake Designer Purse

Knock off designer purses are becoming more and more popular. Many women who can’t afford a designer purse are gladly settling for these replica purses. However, if your intention is to buy a real designer purse, you must learn to tread cautiously, as there are many fake designer purses that you can be fooled into buying.

The best way to avoid getting ripped off is through a little education. If you want a true designer purse, then I suggest you take the time to learn what to look for and what to avoid. The more you know, the easier it will be to spot a fake.

It is thought that the best way to spot a fake is by looking at the price tag. It is well known that a Prada or Gucci can’t be had for under several hundred dollars. So many women assume that if a purse carries a high price tag, then it has to be genuine. lam bang dai hoc This is generally true, but keep in mind that some fakes may carry a high price for this very reason. So while price can be a determining factor, it isn’t always the best measuring stick between a fake and genuine designer purse.

Another way to spot a fake is by having good attention to detail. You will want to carefully examine the purse for any irregularities or stitch work that seems inferior. A designer purse will bear the mark of master craftsmanship (thus the high price) while a fake more often times than not will have inferior stitch work and materials.

Possibly the most accurate way to tell if a purse is genuine is to check for its serial number or certificate of authenticity. If the purse bears neither the serial number or the retailer can’t produce a certificate of authenticity, this should be a huge red flag.

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