Courier Services Past and Present

Most postal systems throughout the world deliver an express service. This means that an accelerated delivery service for which customers pays an extra charge will receive faster deliveries.

As we all know clear communication is the only way to govern, (said very tongue in cheek)… historically empires of the ancient world, probably, owed some of their success to the early mounted relay systems that they had developed.

The most highly developed communication system in the ancient world, came from Rome, as did some forts, buildings, roads, central heating and baths, (some of which are still in evidence today)…The postal service of Rome was named (cursus publicus). Gateway Express This relay system was established at intervals along the great roads the Romans built. It was claimed that more than 170 miles could be covered in 24 hours.

We have come a long way since that time, rail links, air travel and computers have contributed significantly to the speed of mail deliveries.

In the 20th century the British Telecommunications Act of 1981 divided the post office into two corporations, one for postal and banking operations and the other for telecommunications. The suspension of the post offices monopoly allowed for private companies to compete with it. Privatisation gives the customer numerous options.

The subtext for some of today’s couriers is to use a fleet of vehicles with low emissions (to be green), look to use bio diesels’ which is 85% cleaner than normal fuel, and try to make vehicles fuel- efficient, (the savings can be passed on to the customer).

Couriers are also striving to only use paper when absolutely necessary, and ensure all paper used is always 100% recycled.

Clients can be billed on-line rather than using paper methods. The drivers tend to use the shortest most economical routes, use the most efficient vehicle for the journey.

This is great news for the customers of courier services, we are all being pressed to reduce our global footprint, it is encouraging to realise that courier services are like- minded and also want to have some responsibility for the world we live in.

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